About Us

Abilene AIA Chapter has been part of other smaller chapters before and for many many years it has been an independent chapter providing support for those Architects, contractors and interior designers who work in the Abilene area.

Within this small big town, Abilene has sculpted their identity to be a place where you can go to experience and explore. Texas has officially named Abilene as “Storybook Capital of Texas.” In 2018 now Abilene is “Storybook Capital of America!” Just like Abilene itself the chapter is constantly trying to get more members here while maintaining the ones we already have. If you were to throw a rock within downtown Abilene then you would hit one of our members. Not because there are so many of us but because our members are involved within the town of Abilene itself.

AIA Abilene Scholarship

AIA Abilene is excited to offer a scholarship to architecture students from the area that AIA Abilene serves as a chapter; the student must also be going to one of the Architecture schools in Texas. For more information about the scholarship please email Shawnda Rixey or contact your college.

Most recent scholarship receipients:

Georgia Thomas – Texas Tech University

Jonathan Calix – Texas Tech University

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