Becoming an Architect

Becoming an Architect can take some time but it is worth it if you can envision what Architecture does for society.

In High School it would be helpful for you to take any drafting; hand or AutoCad. Take any art classes and try to understand physics.

To become a licensed Architect you will need to obtain an accredited degree (NAAB), work on your 3,740 hours of experience through the AXP (Architecture Experience Program) and take the tests (ARE 4.0 or ARE 5.0). That is a simplified explanation of becoming an Architect. Looking at the whole process can make you feel daunted. Just start small, with one step. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

Once you decide you want to be in the architectural field start by looking at NAAB. There you will find the schools and the accredited degrees they offer. Some helpful websites are on here.

Check out all the YouTube channels from the links above.