Axe Throwing

Last night Collier Construction sponsored the beers and snacks at the axe throwing. Cache brough Collier Construction Yeti tumblers for the winners of whoever hit the Collier post it note. The first one was Bill from PSC Abilene office and the second was Mariel of Jacob and Martin Abilene office. After about 45 minutes of “practice” we split up into 4 teams and the winnig team was : Brandon, Ruppert, Kevin and Priscilla.

We all had tons of fun and there will be more social activities throughout the year. If you have any ideas let one of us know : Collin, Shawnda, Justin or Steve.

Collier Construction SponsorCache and BillCache and Mariel

The winning teamRuppert and StevePresilla BullseyeMishi and Julie learningBill hit the target area

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