David S. Castle – Lecture Dr. Lindsey

The first David S. Castle lecture was the same day that many of us were heading to the TxA convention last November 2018. That lecture was by a different lecturer. The exhibition is still going on until May 18, 2019. Dr. Gary Lindsey use to work at Texas Tech Univeristy as many of us have. He went to college with Jack Harkins and was a thesis mentor and professor for Justin Allen.

Dr. Lindsey gave a brief description about how David S. Castle got into this profession but concentrated on the 8 courthouses in west Texas. My favorite one he talked about was the Upton County Courthouse. David didn’t do courthouses with a modern look so when Dr. Lindsey went to see Upton Courthouse he was shocked that it was suppose to be a Castle building. As it turns out the Castle building was still there for the most part but the ornamentation was stripped so it woudl fit into the new modern addition.

UptonCountyCourthouseTXDoT1939upton countycourt

David S. Castle                                              Modern update

On our facebook page there is a link to watch the lecture; it is about an hour long.

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